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Wedding photographer based in Hessen, Germany

We Capture memories that live forever

The thing about photos is that no matter how chaotic is life around us for a fraction of a second everything is beautiful and life is perfect.  When we grow old, photos remind us of how we once were, about the beautiful moment we lived, and allow us to immerse ourselves in the nostalgia and memories.
That is why I care so much about my job, as a photographer, my purpose is not to only make beautiful photos but to create memories that will live on forever! 

« It was a very beautiful day, thank you for capturing these beautiful moments. I loved your kindness and the smile on your face. you arrived on time, and made every one confortable.
I wish you all the best and more success.»

Nour alawad

« Thank you very much for your wonderful work. You have the perfect eye and captured the most beautiful moments. I am so in love with the pictures!!! Many thanks for everything.»

Giti Rahy

« It is rare to see a photographer and filmmaker who is likewise professional with the camera, sensitive with people and knowledgeable.
All that showed Nada Zraidi in excellency while working with Moving School. »

Ludwic Muller

« Thank you very much for the beautiful and professional shots and Photos that perfectly captured the most beautiful event in our lives.
I am always happy to recommend you and look forward to the next shoot 🥰❤️

Jasmin und Jihad


Hi, it's me Nada.
Photographer based
in Germany


I am Nada Zraidi a wedding  photographer and documentary filmmaker I love capturing authentic moments and real emotions. 

To describe my personality, I would say that I like meeting new people. I always come with my camera and my good mood because marriage is above all a celebration, a day of joy.  And it's up to me to tell the story of this day by placing myself as a privileged witness, a confidant, and a friend in order to transcribe this special day.


An album is the only physical thing that you can keep from your wedding day. It is an artifact that tells the story of this sacred union between two humans deeply inlove. It is what keeps the memories alive and serves as a witness for the generation to come.

Here at Nada Zraidi wedding photography, we believe that memories should live forever, that’s why besides digital albums we offer high-quality printed albums to all our premium Couples.

ALBUM NZphotography (1).jpg

Keep beautiful memories … that count! 

Glad you are here!

If you have more questions or need more information about our services and rates  you can reach us on whatsapp or via e-mail on the left side of the page and we will be happy to answer your questions in the coming 24h.



+49 17684328287



Kassel, Germany

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