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Acerca de

Photographer based in
Kassel, Germany

I am Nada Zraidi a  photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Kassel, Germany. I love capturing authentic moments of joy, real emotions, and pure love.

To describe my personality, I would say that I like meeting new people. I always come with my camera and my good mood because marriage is above all a celebration, a day of joy.  And it's up to me to tell the story of this day by placing myself as a privileged witness, a confidant, and a friend in order to transcribe the moments of intimacy.


I am very sensitive to the emotions and details that make up this very special day, my approach to photography is done in a narrative and aesthetic approach where I harmoniously mix nature, textures, light, and color with your bursts of laughter or your tears of joy.

​I attach as much importance to spontaneity as to aesthetics and each of my photos is composed with care so that they are unique and timeless.

I am originally from Casablanca Morocco and lived previously in both Istanbul and Seoul to pursue my education in Visual communication design and film production. Almost 4 years ago, my husband and I moved to Kassel, where we have been living since.

Living and working in such different parts of the word has thought me how to be flexible and understanding to cultural differences, at the same time it made me realize how similar  humans are regardless of our differences. 

 I believe that through my education and life experience I grew a strong eye for aesthetics, storytelling and also a strong understanding of culture and a sensitivity to different nuances of social milieus, which have influenced my photography approach.

In my free time i like going on long walks, invite myself to cofee dates, spend time with family or bing watch a good K-serie.


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